Join us for a 3-day, hands-on workshop covering contemporary practices in software development led by two experienced practitioners, David Laribee of Nerd/Noir and Jeremy Duvall of 7factor Software. We’ll design, build, and deploy working, high-quality software while exploring emerging topics and tools in software design, development, and operations.
What should I bring?
A laptop with Docker installed and a good attitude. Prior to the workshop, we'll send you a guide and checklist to ensure you're organized and ready to act.


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What's included in the workshop price (food, parking, goodies)?
Pretty much everything—parking, breakfast, lunch, and all the beverages. Attendees will receive a 28-page full color zine, (cool) stickers, and other surprise treats!
Do I have to be a JavaScript/Node/
Everything expert to attend this workshop?
No. 2+ years experience with these or similar languages and platforms is plenty. Learning aids such as cheat sheets, coding playgrounds, and big visible charts are distributed as the workshop plays out. 

This workshop is designed to challenge and elevate the skills of newer developers and seasoned vets alike.
Oct 18-20, 2017 — Atlanta, GA

© 2017 Nerd/Noir — Atlanta, GA

Gimmicks? Zero. Hand waving? Strictly forbidden. Expect to gain practical skills in solid engineering practices anchored in real production experience. This workshop is not for the faint of heart. But, if you want to learn a whole lot in a concentrated amount of time in an energized environment, you should join us.

We start with design. What makes for a maintainable, elegant, and flexible system? How might we model business value arriving at a design that responds to new learnings and market conditions? We'll sample approaches from Domain-driven Design (DDD), Test Driven Development (TDD). Attendees will experience several different styles of TDD, pairing the practice with go-to design patterns, and comparing to the bottom up workflow of the functional programmer using collection pipelines and a REPL.

Moving on to the deployment and operation, we'll put robots to work by building a fully automated CI/CD pipeline that leverages Netflix’s Spinnaker continuous delivery tool paired with Concourse to deploy your app to AWS. Attendees will create a chatbot capable of triggering deployments to production. We’ll set up both a blue-green deployment for minimal downtime and a canary deployment for runtime detection of quality.

If it’s worth doing, is it worth overdoing? Not always. We'll adopt the mindset of the extreme minimalist building a CI/CD pipeline with a lightweight, container-based, serverless PaaS offering. DevOps two ways!

We’ll use JavaScript on Node.js as our workhorse platform while also dipping into the Go language. Throughout the workshop, we’ll share examples in other languages (e.g. Java, C#, Ruby) to illustrate how first principles manifest themselves in various languages and stacks.

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ROAM Innovation Workplace: Alpharetta
5815 Windward Pkwy #302
Alpharetta, GA 30005

David is an independent technical coach with 20+ years in the business. He was an early adopter of TDD, BDD, DDD, Kanban, and Continuous Deployment. He has lead many teams toward successful adoption of eXtreme Programming practices.

Workshop Leaders

David Laribee, Nerd/Noir

Jeremy Duvall, 7Factor Software

Jeremy is an expert in scalable cloud architecture 
 and continuous delivery. He currently works with executives and engineers at companies large and small as an advisor and implementor of pipelines that lead directly into the AWS cloud.

Questions? Email our team.